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Through Cell-Tech which incorporates new technologies such as stem cell technology including iPS cell and genome editing technology, we contribute to the development of life sciences by promoting research and commercialization of not only drug discovery and regenerative medicine, but also in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, health, beauty, and related industries.

Cell-Tech by iPS Portal

  1. 01Technology
    Research supports and contract testing services

    In order to support your company's research (Drug discovery, regenerative medicine, cosmetics, and functional foods), our team of science fellows and experimental expert specializing in stem cell research and regenerative medicine research, including iPS cells, will offer a menu of research support and contract testing that incorporates new technologies and know-how.

  2. 02Development
    Development support services

    From the perspective of experts in handling iPS cells, we will evaluate the performance of cell culture equipment, analyzers, imaging equipment, culture-related devices, media, reagents, etc. developed by your company, using iPS cells and differentiated cells. We will provide total support from development and concept planning to evaluation tests and sales support for developed products.

  3. 03Education
    Education and Training services

    From those who have no experience in cell culture to researchers who are actually conducting iPS cell culture, we offer training programs to meet your needs, from basic courses to hands-on training and technical training.

  4. 04Business
    Business support

    Our team of analysts, who understand science and have experience in business development and business plan assessment, together with our team of scientists which have abundant achievements in contributing to regenerative medicine and drug discovery research, will support your company’s commercialization in the life science field from both science and business perspectives, by evaluating your company’s technologies, planning of new businesses, and promoting commercialization.

  5. 05Regenerative Medicine
    Regenerative medicine related services

    Regenerative medicine is expected to be used as an alternative to organ transplantation medicine due to a shortage of donors, and as a curative treatment for intractable diseases. In order to contribute to the development of regenerative medicine, we will support your efforts to introduce, develop, and apply for approval of regenerative medicine and cell therapy technologies.


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