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Corporate Philosophy

Human Dignity, Creation for New Value


Life science technology has made remarkable progress, and the environment surrounding us has been changing drastically. Stem cell technology, such as iPS cells, and biotechnology, including genome-editing technology, continue to make remarkable progress on a global scale, and there is no doubt that life science is one of the most noteworthy fields of research. While new possibilities have been discovered, such as the establishment of treatments for intractable diseases that have been difficult to treat, and the prediction of diseases at the genetic level, we are faced with new problems such as soaring medical costs and ethical issues, so we must create new values to solve these problems.

The core of our business is cell-tech, including iPS cells, and thus we are involved in fundamental areas of humanity. As a company involved in such a field, we would like to always maintain an attitude that places the utmost importance on "human dignity”. We must be aware of and take accountability for our role in drug discovery and regenerative medicine, and not just provide technology as we work toward the practical application of new technologies and face the high expectations and anxieties of society. We will continue to propose appropriate testing and research methods and also improve the quality of our services from the perspective of science and ethics.

In order to promote the development of the field of life science, we would like to support the hopes of researchers targeting drug discovery and regenerative medicine, as well as all companies considering business that utilizes cell-tech. We identify as a company that values the "search for essential values" of aspiring customers, rather than just following trends and technologies.


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